How to find the time to find and nurture leads online. And still have time for big picture thinking.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a supercharged customer nurturing program.

A well-constructed automation program multiplies the effectiveness of online campaigns, by ensuring your brand stays visible and relevant to potential customers. And helps convert them when they're ready to buy. Automatically. It aids discovery. It drives engagement. And it delivers meaurable results

Why Shout works

Shout partners with some of Australia's best Marketing Automation businesses. This gives you access to premier automation systems, while ensuring any activity remains true to your overall strategy and your gals.

Everywhere your customer needs you to be

The path to purchase is not a linear one.

In discovery phase, before the customer is actively looking to buy, they’ll explore as many channels as they can. A well tuned automation program helps you monitor their behaviour across all channels. And build a guided research journey for them. A journey that engages with them more and more as they become more and more ready to buy.


Driving deeper engagement

Marketing Automation builds a profile of each person from their activity online. This allows a good automation system to provide and increasingly personalised experience for them, whichever channel they’re in. By being able to start a conversation in one channel, and continue it in another, you can engage them for longer. By providing interesting and relevant information, you become a trusted source of information,

What you would do, only faster

Shout can help you build an automated campaign which attracts more potential customers, engages them, re-targets them and converts them. Automatically. You set the system. And the system works for you, like a silent sales team, finding, engaging and reengaging customers. Working with leading platform providers like Hubspot and Marketo, we can ensure fast, accurate, responsive campaign management that targets and retargets the people who want to buy. Prospects are regularly contacted and fed relevant information, specifically tailored to their stage of the buying journey. The more interest they show, the more information they get. So those hot leads can be converted while they’re hot.

The secret’s in the data.

By understanding what matters, in terms of where they are in the path to purchase and what behaviours they’re exhibiting, you can ignore the meaningless data and concentrate on the stuff that matters. The stuff that fosters discovery, deepens engagement and drives conversion. The data that gives you the insights you need to change the way to talk to the market. So you can make more sales. More often. Using a fully operational automated funnel, you can:
  • know who’s interested
  • use analytics to change the content to make it more effective
  • use predictive analytics to tailor the content to your best prospects
  • use split tests to optimize landing pages to generate more leads for less.
  • track their progress along the funnel
  • nurture them with the right information at the right time
  • know when they’re likely to buy
  • convert them
  • determine the cost per sale
  • upsell them
  • retain their business.

Converting data to sales.

Shout’s content experts can ensure your sales people aren’t wasting time on unqualified leads.
  • By identifying the most likely prospects.
  • By integrating relevant data with your CRM systems.
  • By developing a river of new prospects to your site.
  • And nurturing those prospects until they’re ready to buy.
  • And by providing prioritised customers, based on online behaviour.
  • o the leads they get are the leads they want.

It starts with a Shout

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