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There are a billion people out there, waiting to access your content – Are you on Facebook yet?

Facebook has more than a billion users, which means that you have a chance to expose your brand to more than a billion people. Are you ready to tap such a large audience?

At Shout, as a Facebook advertising and marketing agency, we have innovated unique ways to find and connect with people who are interested in your business. We can create great content that will entertain your audience and keep them engaged.

If you are medium-sized business, we can grow your social presence by combining our creative expertise with a deep understanding of Facebook’s native advertising platforms.

Why You Should Advertise Your Products on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook has over a billion users. How many of these users actually engage with your business? Not many, right? That is bad, especially when you consider the fact that if you are using the right strategy, there is no limit to the number of people who could be connected with your business. Facebook’s native advertising programs are an effective way to create brand awareness and attract potential customers. Facebook ads help you connect with new prospects, drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and collect valuable data. And when you have a successful Facebook marketing and advertising agency in Melbourne on your side, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

There are obvious reasons to buy Facebook ads to promote your business. Here are the most important among them.

  • Increase your brand’s exposure to clients
  • Gather leads that you can convert into sales through other marketing campaigns
  • Reduce your marketing expenses
  • Reach a highly targeted audience interested in your offerings
  • Increase brand exposure and build loyalty
  • Measure your campaign’s success with easy-to-use and intuitive Facebook insights
  • Drive visitors to your site and boost your SEO efforts
  • Allow customers to access your business information from their mobile phones and tablets
  • Monitor your competitors’ marketing techniques to see what strategies are actually working for them

Why Hire Shout  Agency to Run Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Our social media marketing experts can grow your Facebook footprint and create content that engages your audience. We help you engage in meaningful conversations with your audience using great content that keeps them coming back. We use the popularity of Facebook to grow your business.

Reach the People Who Matter

The success of any marketing campaign depends upon your ability to reach your targeted audience. We help you reach people who are more likely to connect with your business. Facebook ads can be super-targeted. Are you looking to connect with international students interested in studying in Australia? Facebook ads allow you to precisely target this group. The hyper-specific nature of Facebook ads allows you to reach people who will readily engage with your content.

We Are a Facebook Marketing and Advertising Agency in Melbourne

Social media marketing is now more important than ever. A study has shown that about 71 percent of adults who use the internet also use Facebook to share information and to connect with their friends and families.

The fact that Facebook reaches over one billion people is a great reason to start using it to promote your brand. When your competitors are using the popularity of Facebook to grow their business, can you be left behind?

Already on Facebook?

Are you fully utilising the power of Facebook to grow your business? If you aren’t, we can help. We are a Facebook marketing and advertising agency in Melbourne that can help you launch a powerful campaign. Our Facebook marketing executives can take your marketing efforts up several notches.

How We Can Help

We Identify your Target Audience

Your marketing efforts should target the right people who have a real interest in your products. Unless you know who your customers are, it’s impossible to offer them what they want. Shout can help you identify your target audience.

We Promote Your Brand on Facebook

Creating your page on Facebook is the first step. You can do this yourself, but a Facebook marketing expert can improve your page’s reach. While optimising your page, we focus on localisation because we want you to be able to reach potential customers in your location.

We Connect With Your audience

Many businesses that are already on Facebook approach marketing in the wrong way. Posting content that is heavy in text is one of them. Excessively self-promotional stuff also does not do well on Facebook. We focus on image based content like pictures, infographics, and videos. This allows us to reach a bigger audience.

We Measure the Success of Your Facebook Campaign

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using our Facebook marketing and advertising agency in Melbourne is that we can measure the success of your campaign. Our detailed reports will help you find out which strategies are working and which of them aren’t. We can simplify and decode the Facebook marketing landscape to benefit your business.

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