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Looking for new customers? Want to broaden your reach? Our highly targeted, and relevant PPC campaigns are designed to get you in front of customers actively looking for your product and/or services.

Our PPC campaigns put you in front the people actively seeking the products and/or services you’re selling, our keyword strategies and phrases deliver the active customers to your site while we create efficiencies that are driving down your costs.

At Shout! We don’t rest, ever! Everyday we refine and optimise our campaigns, broadening your reach while lowering your cost per click. As earch engine marketing is all about getting in front of your customers during their purchase phase, one advantage to PPC advertising is the ability to reach top of the first page in a matter of hours – not months, through a combination of search relevance, campaign build and the amount you are willing to pay.

Our Expert PPC management team is well versed in building campaigns in accordance with the correct structure to receive the maximum quality score and ultimately cheaper bids for our clients.

Our AdWords management portfolio is diverse, over the years we’ve successfully managed large branding corporate PPC accounts but also many high volume & complex ecommerce PPC accounts focusing on driving down the cost per acquisition per unit.

SEO is a long term strategy and it can take often take a long time to see real results for your business, as a result many business find during this period that running a pay per click advertising campaign simultaneously can help bridge the gap and ensure business continues as usual. That being said a pay per click campaign is not primarily a band-aid for SEO, many business models actually suit a PPC strategy to a long term SEO strategy, while most benefit from having both running simultaneously throughout.

Feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your businesses needs and one of our highly trained professionals will advise you on the best PPC strategy moving forward tailored specifically for your business.

We are a team of data-driven whizzes who have a purely customer goal-oriented approach to PPC

The goal of search engine marketing is to increase the visibility of a website in search results through paid advertising.

Shout Agency is a search engine marketing company committed to increasing your conversions and revenue. We achieve this by applying the principles of keyword optimisation, ad quality, and on-page relevance. Thanks to our experience and expertise in search marketing, we can improve even the most successful PPC campaigns and increase your overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per acquisition.

We believe in continuous optimisation and hence we work in collaboration with our dedicated CRO and design teams to implement changes that will help you get the most bangs for your advertising dollars.

Our mindset

We are a performance based PPC agency. We ensure that our campaigns achieve superior levels of efficiency. We believe that the right balance of technology, human resource, and media spending is required to get the best results.

We deliver results

SEO, PPC, and conversion require specialists. Our folks are experts in all of these areas. We are approved by Google and have helped our clients achieve their online goals.

If you are looking for an SEM management agency to run your SEM campaign, get in touch with us. We will launch a campaign tailored to meet your needs.

What we do

We deliver more conversions for less spend everyday.

Campaign Analysis

Keyword & Ad Grouping

Demographic & Geo Targeting

Advertising Creative

CRO Audit

Tracking & Testing

Bid Management

We seek efficiencies that will drive down your cost per acquisition. We examine your Click Through Rates (CTR), conversion rates, quality score, cost per acquisition and current spend to pinpoint areas for improvement. From here we will either work within your existing campaigns or make our recommendation to start a fresh campaign.


Campaign Analysis

We seek efficiencies that will drive down your cost per acquisition. We examine your Click Through Rates (CTR), conversion rates, quality score, cost per acquisition and current spend to pinpoint areas for improvement. From here we will either work within your existing campaigns or make our recommendation to start a fresh campaign.


Keyword & Ad Grouping

Our expertise lies in our understanding of correct procedural build of PPC campaigns, this understanding translates in being able to offer our clients lower CPC keywords bids, through attaining high quality scores. We are constantly seeking out new opportunities to optimise your keywords and ad groups and looking for ways to improve your cost efficiency via internal, competitive market analysis resulting in increased CTR and conversions


Demographic & Geo Targeting

We all know how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. Our behavioural targeting techniques maximize your exposure with the right audience ensuring your ad budget is not wasted. We can even alter the budget between different geographical areas on a small or large scale, whether casting a 4km radius targeting mobile users around a small town or conducting a large national PPC campaign, we are proficient PPC management specialists with the track record to back it up!


Ad Creative

Fusing message with moment, we design creative content that is compelling, relevant, and targeted to
your specific audience.We ensure your advertisements offer a compelling call to action and maximize your campaign performance. We also understand the necessary requirements needed to ensure a high quality score when creating
advertising creative.


CRO Audit

We take an integrated approach to your digital marketing strategy and we are always looking for ways
to optimize your campaigns. We take a critical look at landing pages, calls to action, navigation menus, functionality, content and flow and much more.


Tracking & Testing

Through conversion tracking we are able to understand the effectiveness of our keywords. Whether as a result of clicking on our ads, the consumer purchased a product, signed up for a newsletter, filled out a form or dialed a phone number; these are all metrics we can measure. This data becomes powerful when understood. We can also look at creating experiments with our ad creative to see which has a higher conversion rate.


Bid Management

We routinely monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure your keywords are competitive and achieving a high average position, high cost per acquisition but while retaining the lowest possible CPC, some agencies use software to automatically set and forget these, we pride ourselves on manually adjusting bids for all of our clients, ensuring a greater attention to detail, and far less margin for error.

Case study

Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide is a leading designer fashion label at the forefront of design in Australia. The brand has also recently expanded to USA. Within 12 months the Sass and Bide website has seen major growth in organic search traffic, as well as an average cost per sale decrease of 49%.


Let’s Talk

Let’s make your brand grow. If you’d like to chat through your current challenges and discuss the
opportunities for your company, we’re always happy to hear from you.

1300 360 037


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