The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

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Facebook has been the focal point of social media marketing especially for the e-commerce scene. Today, there are estimated to be over 1.23 billion monthly active users browsing their news feeds and stalking each other’s timelines in the social media giant. And if you’re running a business, then you probably have a large audience somewhere within this massive community.
Of course, success with Facebook Ads is never guaranteed. A few years later, marketing experts from a multitude of industries have attributed their success to 3 things:

The Perfect Target

Aiming and positioning your ads is a delicate process that lives and dies by the smallest detail. A common mistake in Facebook Ad campaigns is to bark up the wrong tree and waste precious advertising dollars by reaching uninterested people. Some simply target their audiences using only basic stats such as location, interests, and demographics – a standard marketing approach that is unlikely to generate significant results.
In Facebook Ads, the perfect target could mean three things; custom audiences and lookalike audiences.
These types of audiences are known to respond better to Facebook Ads. More importantly, these are solid leads that convert better, thus put more money in your pocket.
Let’s take a closer look at these audiences:

Custom Audience

Say you have a long list of emails or contact numbers of potential leads. You can use these for specifying custom audiences. The more you know about your paying customers, the more depth you can add to your custom parameters. If you do it right, then you’ll have the highest-converting target for your Facebook Ads.
If you have a database of leads for remarketing, then you can use them to specify your custom audience targets as well. Your remarketing audiences include your past visitors as well as those who may have inquired directly.
The downside is that this option is not for everyone. You need to have at least 1,000 people to make the most out of your efforts. Unless if you’re using this strategy to generate lookalike audiences.

Lookalike Audiences

Targeting lookalike audiences are just as good as targeting custom and remarketing audiences; except with more people. Think of it as doubling the size of your net as you fish the same water.
Any lead that has shown similar behavior or preferences with your other audiences can be considered as a lookalike audience. They can’t be classified as custom audiences or remarketing audiences because you’ve never seen them before, but there’s a good chance that they’ll respond well to your advertisements.

The Perfect Ads

The next component of a successful Facebook Ads campaign is the perfect ad. There is no room for acceptable or just good – it has to be perfect.
The ingredients for the perfect ad are:

  • Captivating Headline
  • The Introductory Text
  • On-point Description
  • Emotion-inducing Image
  • Landing Page Link

Be sure that every aspect of your ads is tailored specifically for your target audience. Do your research and figure out what pulls their strings. Consult the data you’ve collected from past customers and find out what particular piece of information they wanted from you.

The Perfect Website

After all your efforts in finding the right target and setting up the right bait, you wouldn’t want your audience to be put off by a bad landing page.
The first thing you need to ensure is that the ad link brings your audience to a related or similar page, not the homepage. Make it feel as if your ad is a salesperson that’s willing to help your prospects find exactly what they need.
The rest is up to meticulous design. Is your site optimized for smaller screens (responsive)? Does the landing page contain a clear call-to-action? Do not be afraid to conduct A/B testing if you truly want to achieve the best possible outcome.
Lastly, remember that a perfect website requires constant attention to detail. You need to be a keen observant and quick to spot certain page elements that need optimisation. Realistically, there will always be ways for a perfect website to be even more perfect. You can always make a site load faster, feel smoother, look prettier, and churn conversions better.

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