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Content marketing is the best strategy to build awareness of your products and services

Content Marketing

In this age of ad blocking software, Content Marketing is a proven way to build your community, deepen your brand engagement, raise your visibility to search engines, while increasing time spent on your site and driving the share-ability of your brand.
Content is becoming one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing campaign. Your content is critical for your success, but too much great content goes unnoticed because it isn’t marketed correctly. Shout is one of Melbourne's best digital marketing agencies who can help you understand how to get your content seen by people who want to buy.
Great content gets you noticed. Great content turns that attention into traffic. It’s what guides and encourages traffic further into your sales funnel and converts that traffic into customers. By understanding what your customers are searching for, and understanding how they’re searching we can help you structure your content to match your digital marketing efforts, providing greater ROI.
Shout works to understand what your market is looking for, and helps find ways for you to present the right cues, to the right people, in the right way. We are a leading Melbourne digital marketing company that understands the three critical steps to success you need to take.
Content Marketing Agency

Shout knows what works in Content Marketing

From lead generation strategies, to marketing automation, to content production, we make your content work harder, helping you create a more effective path to purchase. Well marketed, relevant content engages customers from their initial sign of interest to after the sale has been closed.

Match the strategy to the audience

Starting with identifying the right audience, we work with you to understand your specific business challenges and identify your best market. We also work to understand why they should want what you have to offer. We identify where quality leads are most likely to come from, then work out how to attract them by developing the right content across all channels.

Marketing Automation

Shout can help you build an automated marketing campaign which works like a silent sales team. We will create a fast, accurate, responsive automated campaign that:

  • Attracts more potential customers
  • Engage, re-target and converts people who want to buy

The right content at the right time

Customers go through a variety of different phases of a purchase cycle. The right content, at the right moment in their path to purchase, closes the deal.

  • Shout ensures the right content sets up your brand as relevant and differentiated from the competition
  • You’ll be seen when they’re exploring – looking for a product or service that solves their problem.
  • You’ll be there when they discover the right solution for the best price
  • Your content will help them know what their next step should be
  • By using our proven holistic approach to digital, Shout can develop a content marketing strategy for you that targets customers more effectively

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    Make your site seen...

    Content Marketing is as simple as making the internet sit up and pay attention to what you have to say. Combined with search and conversion strategies, it helps you create an effective path to purchase.

    … by the right eyeballs

    The experts at Shout SEO Agency can combine lead generation strategies, marketing automation and content production to ensure your content engages customers from their initial interest to after the sale has closed.

    Better understanding...

    We start with an audit to ensure your content aligns with your goals. We seek to understand what you need, and how it can be improved to ensure your content aligns to your marketing strategy.

    … creates stronger engagement

    We work with you to identify your most profitable markets and develop content which matches the channel and the audience. So, no matter when they search, if you have what they need, they find you.

    Stronger engagement...

    When we align your content, and customer behaviours with your business strategy and your marketing plan we help make your sales funnel more effective and, ultimately, generate more sales.

    … creates effective digital

    Our experts will check your content and how it works with your user experience and site navigation to remove roadblocks and ensure nothing gets between your content and your customers’ eyes.

    More effective digital…

    Whether you need content to work as part of a marketing automation program, or just need it to convert interest into sales, Shout is a proven content marketing agency that can help.

    … leads to sales.

    If your content isn’t working to get you noticed, entice customers to your site, keep them engaged, encourage them to take the next step and get them to buy, give us a Shout today.

    Three steps to success

    Shout takes a simple three step approach to content marketing through executing the right content, the right plan and the right execution.


      Content Audit

      To ensure your site has the content you need to attract, engage and convert customers, we conduct a content audit. This helps us to find content gaps that need to be filled to create the right user experience.


      Content plan

      A content calendar ensures the timely creation and promotion of content. So you attract visitors for the right reason – no matter where they are on the path to purchase.


      Content execution

      Shout is an experienced content marketing agency. Our passionate team of experienced writers, developers and designers work with you to create relevant, engaging, optimised content for your website.