Don't be satisfied with having great content. Be satisfied when that content starts getting you great clients. Shout can turn great content into a great sales pitch. Want to know how? Shout.

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Use content to feed your sales funnel

Content Marketing

Great content gets you noticed. Great content turns that attention into traffic. Great content marketing should guide and encourage traffic further into your sales funnel and convert that traffic into customers. By understanding what your customers are searching for, and understanding how they’re searching we can help you structure your content to match your marketing efforts.
Content is becoming one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing campaign. Your content is critical for your success, but too much great content goes unnoticed because it isn’t marketed correctly. Shout is a leading digital marketing company who can help you understand how to get your content seen by people who want to buy.
Shout is a leading content marketing agency who works to understand what your market is looking for, and helps find ways for you to present the right cues, to the right people, in the right way. We are a leading Melbourne digital marketing company that understands the critical steps to success you need to take.
Shout's content marketing strategy makes sure your content is helping you reach your business and your marketing goals. Recognised as one of Australia's leading content marketing agencies, we look at the content you have, and identify the content you need, to help you better engage and convert eyeballs into business.
Content Marketing Agency

Make your site seen

Make the web sit up and pay attention. Using the content you have and combining it with proven search and conversion strategies, Shout helps you engage customers from initial interest to after the sale has closed.

Market for growth

The experts at Shout combine lead generation strategies, marketing automation and retargeting strategies, using your content to boost engagement and power growth.

Inegrated, cross-channel activity

Shout take a holistic look at your whole funnel, using data-led decision making to use content to drive visits, gather subscriptions and integrate with your social media agency's activities to make new visitors new customers.

A more effective sales funnel

We align your content with customer behaviours, matching both to your business and marketing plans, removing roadblocks and improving navigation, to make your sales funnel more effective and, ultimately, generate more sales.

Generate more leads

Good content should be actively attracting attention, engaging visitors and converting leads. Prospects are regularly contacted and fed relevant information, specifically tailored to their stage of the buying journey.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    Content specific landing pages

    Use your content to capture their attention, and use their interest to capture their details. Driving interested parties to content specific pages is the first step in an effective conversion journey.

    Match the content to the purchase stage

    Use the content at the right time to encourage the customer to take the next step. Each piece of your content should be a logical next step that leads an interested visitor into a phone number.

    Remarketing and retargeting

    Engage and re-engage. And re-engage again. By encouraging and nurturing contacts, Shout turns each piece of your content into another reason for your customer to spend their money with you.

    Capture the lead

    You've got the content. You know who's looking at it. Shout's content marketing expertise helps you convert their interest into a phone number or an email with permission to get in touch.

    Stronger engagement...

    When we align your content, and customer behaviours with your business strategy and your marketing plan we help make your sales funnel more effective and, ultimately, generate more sales.

    … creates effective digital

    Our experts will check your content and how it works with your user experience and site navigation to remove roadblocks and ensure nothing gets between your content and your customers’ eyes.

    Three steps to success

    Shout takes a simple three step approach to content marketing through executing the right content, the right plan and the right execution.


      Content Audit

      To ensure your site has the content you need to attract, engage and convert customers, we conduct a content audit. This helps us to find content gaps that need to be filled to create the right user experience.


      Content plan

      A content calendar ensures the timely creation and promotion of content. So you attract visitors for the right reason – no matter where they are on the path to purchase.


      Content execution

      Shout is an experienced content marketing agency. Our passionate team of experienced writers, developers and designers work with you to create relevant, engaging, optimised content for your website.