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December 24, 2014

By December 24, 2014insights

When it comes to advertising, whether online or offline, it is important to create engaging ads that have a positive impact on sales. To get the most out of digital ads, it is always important to review, revise if necessary, and stay adaptable.

When it comes to digital marketing in the modern world, staying relevant and fresh is what drives sales. If you keep adapting the ad copy regularly to reflect the current state of the world, it can have a positive impact on your conversion rate. This is often easily identified during the holiday season where all marketing campaigns focus their attention and Ad copy on the approaching holiday.

This holiday season, over 50% of holiday consumers are expected to make some of their purchases online. Research shows that online shoppers generally spend more than their offline counterparts and this holiday season they are expected to spend 16% more than last year.

In order to create campaigns that generate high conversions, marketers need to focus on writing good ad copy. The language found in your ad campaigns will either make or break your earnings for any given year, so it is imperative to get it right from the beginning.

Characteristics of Good Ad Copy

Advertising copy that yields the highest conversions are unique, seasonal, adaptable (across various platforms), and evolve with the needs of the consumer. In other words, don’t copy your competitors, be aware of the seasonality of purchasing behaviour, create messages appropriate for various devices, and always address the needs of the consumer.

Good advertising copy will consistently display the following characteristics:

• Focus on the consumer

• Address consumer benefits

• Satisfy the needs of the consumer

Focus on the Consumer

The online marketplace is crowded and saturated. It is difficult to standout in such an environment, however it is not impossible. By consistently focusing your messages on the consumer, you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed. This is evidenced by click-through rates which can get as high as 65%. By using words like “you,” you can make the communication and purchase experience feel personal. Further, trust can be built by using words such as “official site” which can drive up CPIs by 16% and CTR by 14%.

Address Consumer Benefits

It is quite common for retailers and advertisers to focus on the product and its features. Although this is understandable, studies have found that this approach is futile. Consumers are more interested about how your product can enhance their lives. They could care less about how your product is better than the competitor’s. So it’s important to move away from focusing on the product and focus on the benefits that can make the consumer’s life a little bit better.

If you start out building your ad campaign by focusing on the customer, addressing consumer benefits will be the natural second step. When you write the ad copy, it is also important to avoid adjectives that are focused on features like “longer” and “durable.” These adjectives have little impact on the buy cycle and conversion rate. That being said, using terms like “reliable” has a positive impact on conversions. This is a result of benefits having a positive impact on sales while product features add little value. As a result, marketing agencies need to focus on converting product features into benefits that the consumer can immediately relate to. If you have to make them think about the benefits on their own, you will lose the consumer’s attention and they will likely move on.

Satisfy the Needs of the Consumer

When developing ads focused on SEM, include words that address the needs of the customer as this will increase your click through rates by approximately 59%. However, this in turn diminishes the conversion rate, so it is always important to clearly communicate the need to the consumer before they click through and visit the website. According to current industry research, the copy that addresses wants generate curiosity while the copy that satisfies needs is what finally closes the sale.

By following the characteristics of good ad copy, it can easily lead to higher conversion. By focusing on the customer, the benefits, and their needs, you will be developing the best brand messages that will lead to higher sales.

So this holiday season, I hope everyone is focusing on conversion rate optimisation and tailoring their campaigns in this manner to yield the highest number of conversions. If you haven’t done that already, there is no time like the present to adapt your campaign.

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