The more interesting you are, the more interested they’ll be.
The trick is to be interesting and relevant.

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Creative Social Campaigns

A great idea can drive engagement with your brand. A great social idea can turn your fans into a media channel of their own.

This can be a promotional idea, an engagement idea, a channel crossover idea. A great idea can launch a new product, revitalise a service, grow a business, raise awareness for an offer and build a brand. It can take any form. A question. A video. A photo. A story. A link. An action. A challenge. As long as it aligns with your brand promise and feels like it’s coming from the truth about your brand. A great idea gets people to interact. To participate. To engage.

A creative campaign gets noticed.

Every social campaign has to have some kind of edge or a hook.

Creative campaigns can be risky. But they get noticed. They get engagement. And they get spread. But, as much as they need to stand out, they absolutely must align with your brand. It’s not just a matter of coming up with a great idea. It’s about coming up with a great on-brand idea. Executing the idea in the relevant way for each channel. Identifying any risks. And monitoring the response.


Best practice

Great ideas go beyond channels and into people’s lives. This is where Shout’s holistic approach to social media becomes invaluable.

Finding the best idea.

We start with an understanding of your goals – we need to know why you’re running the campaign and what success will look like. We then develop ideas based around customer insights and channel expertise.

Consistent presence

Every channel is different. But the campaign needs a consistent look and feel across all channels. This could be an image, a statement, an idea. So, wherever your customer is, they’ll see you and, as long as the content is attention worthy, likeable and relevant, they’ll engage.

Content creation

We’ve seen great ideas fail because the content didn’t deliver. Once we’ve identified the core idea, we make sure the content matches the idea and gives it the best chance to engage with your customers. This means all elements feel like they’re connected, even though they could be as different as a Facebook page, an app, a micro-site or a banner.

A planned rollout

Once we’ve created the content, we make sure each element hits the right channel at the right time to reach the right people to ensure the best possible return on your investment.

Amplify your opportunities.

Great content is a great start. But content alone doesn’t guarantee a great result. A paid amplification strategy leverages your content to drive more people into your sales funnel and this, when combined with proven conversion methods and driven by world-class automated marketing systems, results in more sales.

Monitor and manage

Shout follows up the rollout with intelligent social media monitoring and risk management. Using proven systems and intelligent tools, we make sure positive feedback gets positive responses and negative feedback gets dealt with appropriately and responsibly.

Content rollout

We'll share the campaign via our own social networks before and during its rollout, and we'll also announce the competition winners at the end.


Once the campaign has run, we search through the data to find the insights to ensure your next campaign can take what you learn and make each subsequent campaign more and more successful.

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