Online Digital Marketing for Medical Practices

Digital Marketing for the Medical industry comes with its own unique set of challenges. The Medical fraternity is often subject to additional licencing and legal requirements to properly advertise their services and products.

Medical SEO

Medical SEO Services usually involves a lot of wading through scientific jargon, strange codes and other things that the search engine optimisation specialist needs to absorb, digest and translate into everyday speak so as to create an optimised framework for those products and services to be found organically.

SEM & AdWords for Medical Companies

One of the biggest challenges for medical online marketing, is that of Google AdWords SEM. Google regular updates and enforces their advertising guidelines when it comes to pharmaceutical goods or medical procedures, and your agency needs to know these to ensure they can deliver on their promises.

Content Marketing for Medical Business

Content Marketing for the medical industry is even a little more tricky as often you have the need to translate scientific information into descriptive content that the everyday person will understand. This means reading and rewriting a lot of content.

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