Marketing your Business on Facebook

With so many users, and more coming online every day, Facebook is an integral part of social media marketing.

The good news is: Facebook works. Facebook can win you friends and influence markets. It can be a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. It can generate leads, broaden your reach and boost sales.

Shout knows how.

We can make it work.

• Because we look at the bigger picture.
• Because we consider how your Facebook activity fits with your other social presence.
• Because of our holistic view of social. We don’t just look at Facebook, but how Facebook meshes with your online presence, your SEO and your conversion capabilities to turn interest into sales.
• Because we don’t concentrate on likes and impressions but engagement and ROI.


More targeted, more effective messaging.

Facebook lets you segment a market like no other media can. If you can identify the kind of person most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, Facebook can find them for you. No matter how big your business is, no matter what offer you’re taking to market, Facebook has a huge range of options that let you tailor your messages to fit your strategy and reach your goals. Shout knows what works and what doesn’t.
By using our experience and the analytics available to you through Facebook, we can create a campaign that delivers high-quality leads, reduces your cost per enquiry and improves your sale conversion rate. Rather than a scatter-gun, shoot and hope strategy of talking to all 7million people, by using data and analytics, we help you segment your audience, often down to an incredibly granular level, target the messages, build audiences, engage communities and convert customers.

The most targeted media channel available.

Despite the 7million users, Facebook offers businesses an incredible range of powerful and precise targeting tools. Of all media channels, Facebook has, arguably, the best range of incredibly powerful and precise targeting tools.
• Target by location.
• Target by experience – people who have recently changed jobs for example.
• Target by interests.
• Target by status.
• Target by education.
The more targeted the ad, the more targeted your message can be. Which gives you a greater chance of success. Shout works with you to understand the challenge you face, and who the best audience is to talk to to address that issue. Once you know who you’re talking to, and about what, Facebook can isolate those people and help you get a message to them.

Facebook works on many levels.

Facebook gives smart businesses a range of opportunities.
• To retain customers.
• To provide customer services.
• To raise awareness.
• To upsell existing customers.
• And to re-engage lost customers.

We start with an audit of your Facebook page

• We work out what works for the people you’re talking to.
• We look at the information you’re posting.
• We make sure your page works as a first point of contact for potential customers.
• We organize Groups that work for you.
• We make your Page work as a seamless introduction to your sales funnel.

Make yourself part of their community

Facebook users are always looking for interesting content. Shout can set up your page to make it easier for people to want to engage with you. By curating your Wall. When someone likes your page, what you post on your Wall shows up on their feed. We help you make it worth their while, helping win you friends. By posting useful information. Or engaging content. Or offering a fun promotion. Or linking to industry articles. Or launching a new product. And by asking questions. (They don’t call Facebook “The World’s Biggest Focus Group” for nothing.) Experience tells us this is a great way to build loyalty. By asking interesting questions, or asking for opinions, Shout helps you collect valuable audience insights to make your campaigns more and more

Use your campaign to make a better campaign

Facebook offers users a huge range of analytics. By following the numbers you can work through what works and what doesn’t, making each iteration more and more effective. If people choose to hide an ad, they may add a comment as to why they didn’t like it. Shout can help you access this information to spot trends, and understand where your campaign might be failing.
We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing online strategy.
Stuart Daff, General Manager Bevilles Jewellers

Use Audience Insights

Facebook’s Audience Insights lets you see what your audience engages with and likes. The amount of information in this tool helps you understand what your community likes, what they don’t engage with, what promotions work and what topics get the most traction.


Split testing

Split testing lets you work our what works for you. It can drive more people to your site while driving down the cost per acquisition.


Facebook works

Facebook can generate leads, getting more people into the top of your sales funnel. It can nurture leads, keeping them engaged with your brand, your product or your offer. And it can convert, providing simple triggers at the right time to get them to buy.

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