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If you think you've been hit with a Google Penalty, contact us and we'll analyse your site, for free. We'll identify why you've dropped off the front page. And outline how you can get back there.

    If you've dropped down the rankings, call us

    Every time Google updates their algorithm, they introduce new rules. Every time they do, they sweep the internet to see which sites violtae the new rules. When they find a site that does, they drop it down the rankings.

    If your key words don't put your site on the front page of a google search. Or your key pages have disappeared.Or traffic has dropped off. Or you've dropped down the rankings like a piano falling off a building.Chances are you've got a Google Penalty.And you're sent to the the back of the internet with all the other naughty kids.

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      Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

      Google has rules

      Follow the rules and they judge you fairly. Don't follow the rules and they penalise you. Maybe you got hacked and don't know who's done what to your site. (It happens. And it can be embarrassing and frustrating. We get that.)

      The penalty for non-compliance

      Google tries to make it fair for everyone. So, if you break the rules, you go to the back of the internet. And they don't let you anywhere near the front of the line until you've fixed what they don't like.

      What rules have you broken?

      Maybe your current agency tried a little too hard. Tried to bend the rules to get an edge on the competition. To over-optimise your site. To use spam techniques to get more attention. To use some Black Hat SEO. To stuff more keywords in than is allowed. Using hidden text. Having un-natural links or re-directs. Maybe you were playing within the old rules, but got tripped up by the new rules, for the new updates.

        Get back on the front page

        We'll see if a penalty has been applied. If one has, we'll be able to see what penalty you've been hit with and which update has been affected (Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, whatever).

          Our experts can then spend time getting rid of the issue. We keep the stuff you need, and the stuff that works. And we get rid of the stuff you don't need, and the things that are getting you penalised in the first place.

            We then get google to recheck your site.