Infolio Property Advisors

Infolio is a premium buyers and vendors advocate agency operating in the blue chip suburbs of Melbourne. With such demand and competition and highly skilled agents in the market, Infolio infuse there industry knowledge to create a service that delivers better prices for sellers, and better prices and on better terms for the buyers who use there services.

The Challenge

The real estate market in the inner south east if Melbourne is fiercely competitive and one of the most sought after property belts in the country. As such there are a number of firms operating in this space, and it’s critical for Infolio to have a high profile in the market place.

As part of a rebrand, Shout worked in collaboration with Infolio’s branding agency, to ensure that the brand is well positioned on Google and highly visible on the search engines.


The Solution

Initially we worked with the original Infolio site to commence the SEO work. We then worked with Infolio’s branding agency to ensure that the work we conducted during initial phases of SEO, crossed over onto the new site, and the search equity that was built during that time was retained in the new site. This enabled us to use the time where the new site was being designed and built, to increase Infolio’s search engine rankings, and enjoy top results by the time that the newly branded site was built and released. Shout also created a content marketing strategy, with a heavy trial of blog outreach to create powerful links to the site.

The Results

Search Engine Optimisation

Infolio also achieved the following 1st page rankings


“Buyers Advocate Melbourne”


“Property Advisors Melbourne”


“Vendors Agent Melbourne”


“Property Advisors”


“Vendors Advocate”


“Vendors Agent”

The work


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