Shout measures. Shout optimises. Shout gets you heard by the right people. So you can engage, and convert. Across different channels. Leveraging data to drive enquiry. And leads. And sales.

Use data to grow your business, faster

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Faster, more effective, marketing

It's not just about how it works, but how it all works together. Shout takes a holistic view of your business and marketing challenges to create a technology stack which delivers usable, real-time data. Using a range of marketing analytics tools and models, we create a data framework which makes you data work seamlessly, and consistently, across all channels.
Call them marketing platforms. Call them marketing channels. Call them where people are looking. It doesn't matter what you call them, it does matter how you use them to find and engage with and convert customers. Shout are marketing analytics experts who can dive into the data to uncover the insights you need to target buying customers when they're ready to buy.
Shout uses a holistic approach to drive marketing platform integration. By combining the data mined from individual channels and platforms, and providing coherent, easily understood cross-channel reporting, you're able to see, in real time, what levers you need to pull to make the most impact where the most impact should be made.
Shout uses a wide range of analytic tools to give you the best possible picture of your customers and their behaviours. By utilising Adobe analytics, google data studio and google analytics 360, Shout's marketing analytics professionals can give you a clearer picture of what should be possible, and help you set ambitious but achievable marketing KPIs.
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Our Approach

1) Create a single customer view

Great data analysis lets you track the same customer across different devices. By creating a multi-channel framework, Shout can provide you with single customer views for more focused targeting.

2) Target customers in real time

The right ad at the right time makes it more likely the right person will buy from you. Using relevant and innovative segmentation, Shout highlights the data points which create instant impact.

3) Predict what is needed next

Who says you can't predict the future? While we can't predict everything, we can use proven predictive analysis models to chart probable behaviour and see where you shoud spend money for best possible ROI.

“We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

Convert customers faster

By understanding customers better, and integrating the insights into the work, we can create more personal, more relevant and more integrated campaigns which turn visitors into customers, faster.

Test and implement and repeat

The world is changing as fast as digital is changing. For all our campaigns, we validate the results using attribution modelling and B2B marketing analytics to adjust campaigns when the changes are needed.

Bespoke dashboard reporting

We turn data into English. We create marketing dashboards using live reporting, infographics and diagrams to help you see beyond the numbers and focus on what the numbers mean.