Build a more effective sales funnel. A faster, smoother path to sale. Shout can help. Create more leads and nurture customer relationships. Leverage the power of automation to create more effective campaigns.

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Drive growth with an always-on funnel

Results matter. Always have. Always will. Shout has always been obsessed about getting results. New technologies and methods help us create clearer paths to purchase, letting us better align marketing activity with your sales needs. A well-designed and well-implemeted CRM strategy gets you results. Using proven Marketing Automation Platforms can get you results faster.
Automation is so much more than just feeding the next piece of marketing material to an interested visitor. Used well, marketing automation can be used to create more customer-centric models, improve market and buyer intelligence, provide deeper and more detailed analysis of communications campaigns and determine the real value of social influencers.
Shout is a full service digital marketing agency that uses and recommends best practice marketing automation methods, such as email automation, mailchimp, hubspot and saleforce marketing automation. Using recognised and proven sales nurturing and lead nurturing techniques, Shout's marketing automation experts can help you create a smoother, simpler path from first contact to return sale.
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Our Approach

1) Automate for greater efficiencies

A well-managed database coupled with a guided, automated delivery engine gives you the capability to do everything you know you need to do, faster, more effectively and with less frustration.

2) Create a smoother path to purchase

Use data the way data loves to be used. To identify the way customers like to shop. And then enhance that experience to make it easier for them to take the next step.

3) Identify your hot leads

By understanding the changes in behaviour as people get closer to purchase, you are more able to identify which leads are most likely to respond to a prompted contact from your sales people.

“We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

Marketing Automation Platforms

Make your existing platform work harder, or implement a new platform. Shout can connect your CRM systems, your channels and your website. We have experience on all major platforms, including Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot and Oracle.

Lead Scoring

The secret to success with automated marketing is a well-tuned lead score. Shout's marketing automation experience maps lead scoring to mutiple aspects, including demographics and behaviour, to gives you the best chance for success.

Progressive Profile Preferencing

Ask someone ten questions at once and they'll turn off. Ask them ten questions over time, and they'll tell you everything. Shout's progressive profiling methods lead to higher conversion rates, a better user experience and more detailed leads to your sales people.