Mitre 10

“Mighty Helpful. Mitre 10”. Mitre 10 is a household name and has been a leading player in the hardware industry for decades.

The Challenge

Being a large corporate with many internal systems, internal departments and suppliers, Shout needed to get a deep insight into data flow, processes and the relationships between these to be in a position to advise on how to increase system and process efficiency and make process and procedures as integrated as possible.

The Solution

Shout delivered Mitre 10 with a mapping document that mapped the relationships between systems and provided a global understanding of how the the data flow and processes relating to the Mitre 10 website could be made more efficiently.

The Results

The outcome of this investigation is to be a concise report that will be kept as a reference for relevant Mitre10 employees, to assist with future decisions relating to the website. This enabled Mitre 10 to gain a better understanding of data flow and enable the company to increase their efficiency.


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