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SEO tactics that outlast the trends – right here in Perth

SEO is no longer about manipulating search engines. Major search engines like Google are experts at separating the wheat from the chaff. If your site does not offer useful, helpful, educational, or enjoyable content to your visitors, Google will refer them to another site.

Don’t worry. SEO may have changed, but it is still possible to achieve high rankings for your Perth based company using ethical means. These days, you can’t just stuff keywords into your pages to increase their rankings. Link building strategies have changed dramatically over the years. Now you have to earn your links and you can no longer buy them from link farms. Perth SEO now places a great deal of emphasis on the User Experience (UX).

If your site keeps your human visitors happy, it will definitely enjoy high rankings. Users can now access your site on multiple devices. In fact, mobile search has surpassed desktop search. Your site is required to provide that ultimate user experience on every device that your customers use to access it. SEO also means that your website should have useful content. When users visit your site looking for a solution to a problem, you should be able to provide it.

Search engines have become much more intuitive. In order to achieve SEO success, you have to step into your customer’s shoes. You should know what they are searching for and have answers to their questions. This isn’t easy, but we have the right experts who’ve been in the industry for decades. Our SEO Perth experts have been perfecting their skill for several years. We possess the tools and expertise to help your site get found by your customers. We are a leading SEO agency offering SEO services to Perth businesses. We use modern strategies to help our clients obtain high rankings.

How We Work

Shout is one of the most reliable companies offering digital marketing services in Perth. We offer several unique features.


We cover every search related activity. We have partnerships with web designers, link builders, content writers, and developers.


We constantly work on your content along with online and offline properties to ensure that your brand gets the best exposure.


We constantly innovate, build tools, and develop fresh strategies to stay ahead of technical algorithms and trends.


Your visitors and your customers are real human beings, not computers. We make sure that they are happy with the experience they get when they visit your site.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    What makes us different from other companies offering SEO in Perth?

    We Research Your Market and Customers

    We perform a detailed analysis of your industry and customers. This allows us to find out what they are searching for.

    We Perform Website Audits: We evaluate your current SEO status and all aspects of your website from your link profile to your code, and even images. We then use a clear and organised method to track your progress.

    We Employ Unique Strategies Tailored to Your Needs

    No two websites are equal. Each website has its unique requirements. When we do Perth SEO, we customise our unique strategies to ensure that they fit your budget and your goals.

    We Develop Links Organically

    Link building is perhaps the most important part of SEO. You can’t buy links. You have to earn them by offering great content on your site. Unnatural links in your profile may attract a penalty. Our link development experts make it a point to obtain links only from credible and authoritative sites in your niche.

    We Ensure That You Have a Healthy Backlink Profile

    If Google sees your links as ‘unnatural,’ they will reward you with a heavy penalty. The search giant has no sympathy for sites that buy or sell links. If you suspect that bad links may be causing your organic rankings to drop, we can analyse your link profile and suggest solutions.

    We Ensure that You Have a Commendable Presence in Your Locality

    Local SEO is definitely on the rise. This is particularly important if you have brick and mortar stores. Google considers the searcher’s geographic location when they search for stores in their locality. If you don’t give enough importance to local Perth SEO, your website will probably not show up in local searches.

    It is impossible to develop a strong SEO strategy without establishing your goals and challenges. Shout’s SEO in Perth can do this for you. When you hire us as your SEO Company in Perth, we will perform a thorough analysis of all elements of your website. We will also research your market and analyse your competitors. We will review your code, install analytics, create content, and identify potential problems.

    Looking for a company offering SEO in Perth? Contact us. Our Digital marketing services in Perth will drive traffic to your site and improve your bottom line. We are a result-obsessed, search-led, digital marketing agency.