The right content in the right place at the right time for the right price. Shout can make that happen. Quickly. Effectively. Provably. Consistently. Drivng sales, and driving growth.

Faster, more effective media buying

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Drive higher return. Meet business goals.

More and more media buying is programatic. When you find something that can make your business more effective and more profitable and can do it faster with less errors, driving the engagement that drives business growth, why wouldn't you use it? Make programmatic work for you. Set up your campaign to suit your marketing needs. And your business goals.
Programmatic is simply automated media buying. Shout's experts ensure your progarammatic campaign automatically cross-references your target market, your marketing objectives and your inventory to bid for relevant space, effortlessly matching your content to your target audience, in a place where they're more likely to pay attention to it, so you waste less money, and get results faster...
As soon as they click on a page, before the page opens, a programatic market has taken place selling advertising space on that page to advertisers. The advertiser who pays the most for the page wins the auction (let's say it's you) and, as soon as the page opens, the viewer sees your ad. It all happens faster than you can say, How fast does programmatic...
Shout programmatic evolves over time, measuring results and engagement against real-time customer data to determine what content works in what context. Shout is a top programmatic agency who can set up your campaign to match your content, from videos, display ads, emails and social media ads to games and white papers, with the your key audience, when they're in a frame of mind to see it.

Our Approach

1) Set ambitious goals

The effectiveness of your ads will vary depending on where the ads appear in your funnel We work to identify the right goals and KPIs to make your campaign more effective, wherever your ads appear in the funnel.

2) Get new customers

Shout's well-tuned programmatic campaigns will ensure you're not paying to attract people who are halfway down your sales funnel. Get new customers.

3) Scale away

When you're on a winner, don't just stick with it, double down on it. Shout helps you scale, easily, by identifying more people in your target sweet spot, helping you grow business opportunities at the speed of digital.

4) Get what you pay for

Shout can set up a programmatic campaign on your terms. Pay per impression. For a minimum number of impressions. For a set price up front. However it needs to work for you, we can make that happen.

“We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

Make more personal connections

Shout's programmatic placement feels more personal because the programme is based on behavioural data and matches the content to the behaviour.

Be seen in the right places

Before you press “go”, make sure your content won't be seen in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like an ad for solar power being placed next to a story about the benefits of coal mining.

Channel-neutral thinking

Your customer isn't wedded to one platform. Neither are we. We create a programatic campaign based on your business and marketing goals, and ensure your content appears where it will have the most impact.

Provably effective

Instant data means instant insights means being able to make more informed decisions, faster. Our bespoke dashboards let you see what's being bought, where, much it's costing and what return you're seeing, in real time.