Aligning your Marketing and Sales teams is a performance opportunity personified. When those team unite around a single revenue metric, you’ll see dramatically improved ROI, sales productivity, and most significantly, top-line growth.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Working in Sync

Marketing traditionally generate leads and simply hand them to Sales for conversion. What if sales and marketing were truly in sync? Alignment opens the possibility of a more systematic and controllable end-to-end lead management process. Then both teams are planning for customer lifecycle activity. Both control the process and journey for the buyer right through the various stages in the funnel.
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1) Alignment Concepts


2) Alignment process

3) Goal Sharing


4) Lead Generation

5) Metrics Definition

“We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

Alignment Concepts

Think for a second, on replacing the traditional sales funnel with a revenue cycle. The prospects of better alignment are truly exciting and Shout can show you how to maximise opportunities.

Alignment Process

It’s always easier said than done. Shout can outline relevant case studies and recent best process that helps you understand ‘how’ once you’ve grasped the essentials of ‘why’ alignment is critical.

Goal Sharing

Traditionally the departments are a long way apart. But getting sales and marketing to create shared goals paves the way towards getting your teams working together more efficiently.

Lead Generation

The modern digital consumer doesn’t operate in a linear fashion as the sales funnel might imply. Capturing leads is more effective when the teams work together to identify opportunism throughout.

Metrics Definition

Defining the shared measures of success is vital. Then you can turn your sales funnel into a shared revenue cycle. Enjoy better teamwork, better results and dramatically improved ROI.