Choose the words they use. How to make your Adwords profitable and scaleable.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click maximizes your ROI.

Structured correctly, PPC is a proven way of getting more conversions for less spend. It lets you people who are ready to purchase. When combined with other search methods, Pay Per Click is a proven, data-driven way of getting new customers, broadening the reach of a campaign and creates efficiencies that drive down the cost of a campaign.

Increase revenue. Decrease costs.

Shout’s holistic approach to your online presence matches Pay Per Click activity with keyword optimisation, ad quality, and on-page relevance.

By using our tested methods, and our commitment to continuous optimization, we improve your overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per acquisition. We work with design teams and CRM teams to identify and implement improvements that create greater efficiencies and continue to drive down cost per acquisition, increase conversions and build revenue.

Knowing when to use it.

Pay Per Click can be used on its own or in conjunction with an SEO and content optimization program. It all depends on what your goals are. And your business model. Pay Per Click can get you an immediate boost in ROI while you’re waiting for your content and search engine optimisation programs to gain traction. It can be used to gain more attention for specific offers and products. And it can be a cost-effective way to sustain interest and awareness in a crowded market.

Knowing how to use it.

Shout uses a simple four step process.


We audit

We start with an audit your current campaign. We look at Click Through rates, Conversion rates, Quality Score, Cost Per Acquisition and Campaign Spend to identify where improvements can be made.

We build

Shout then conducts an analysis of keywords and ads to ensure we can help you build an effective, profitable campaign. By optimizing identified keywords we can increase Click Through Rates and Conversions.

We manage

We then monitor the campaign to ensure you’re not overspending. This allows you to maintain and market share without spending too much on keywords.

We test

We then continue to track and test every aspect of your campaign to keep your conversion rates at the highest level possible for the spend.

Turning leads into sales

By pairing your lead generation campaign with a lead nurturing program, you can turn interest into engagement and engagement into a sale.

Prospects are regularly contacted and fed relevant information, specifically tailored to their stage of the buying journey. This builds awareness and familiarity and, ultimately, trust. And, should a prospect drop out of the sales funnel, appropriate contact helps ease them back into the consideration and along the path to purchase.


Bridging the conversion gap.

Shout has an experienced and expert PPC management team. We deliver results by combining a structured and logical business-focused strategy with solid research and high quality implementation to give you an immediate boost in ROI. We use industry-leading google adwords PPC tools to identify competitors activity and market-wide opportunities. Our team is well versed in building campaigns with the correct structure to receive the maximum quality score and ultimately cheaper bids for our clients. We have a diverse AdWords management portfolio. We’ve successfully managed large branding corporate PPC accounts and many high volume & complex ecommerce PPC accounts focusing on driving down the cost per acquisition per unit.

Spend 5 minutes before you invest

To find out if Pay Per Click can work for you, please call for a no-obligation chat. If you like what you hear, one of our highly trained professionals can then advise you on the best PPC strategy moving forward tailored specifically for your business.
" We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing online strategy.
Stuart Daff, General Manager Bevilles Jewellers "

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