SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

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SEO Research - Well begun is half done

Is your website ranking in search engines for keywords relevant to your business? Do you want to drive more targeted traffic to your site? The keywords that are used on your webpages influence the amount of organic traffic you get. If your site is optimised for popular keywords that generate a lot of search queries, you will receive tons of visitors.

No SEO Without Keywords

Keyword research and analysis is the most important part of any SEO campaign. Without keyword research, it is impossible to market your website successfully. This, however, does not mean that you should select the most popular keywords and spill them all over your webpages. Your keywords should be relevant to your website, or else you won’t be able to convert the traffic.

When keyword research is done professionally, it will drive a lot of traffic to your site. The first step to create a successful SEO campaign is to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords. The chances of a webpage ranking in Google for a particular keyword are often determined by the frequency with which that keyword appears on that page. Of course, keyword density is just one of the ranking factors, but it is an important factor. At Shout, identifying the most relevant keywords for your business is the first part of our SEO keyword research and analysis. The relative occurrence and frequency of the same or similar keywords or phrases on other pages of the site may also have a good or bad impact on the ranking of a webpage.

At Shout SEO Agency, our SEO keyword research and analysis is about identifying the most relevant keywords. After finding the keywords, we place them in your page titles, browser titles, and the primary content on your pages. This will improve the chances of your webpages showing up when a visitor searches for those keywords or phrases.

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    You Can’t Ignore Keywords

    Without keyword research, your SEO campaign won’t create much traction. Using SEO, you can cater to existing demand. The name of your business, your domain name, the titles of your page, and your URLs all have serious SEO implications. Keep in mind that keyword research isn’t the goal of SEO. It is not the destination. It is the very first step to building a successful campaign.

    How much keyword research is required for a project? It depends. Sometimes we launch basic test sites and begin improving them. When a site shows promising results, we weed out the others and reinvest in the healthy ones. This lets us build a sound SEO strategy.

    We use advanced tools and keyword intelligence software to quickly create smart keyword marketing strategies and plans that are suitable for both big and small businesses. We have years of experience in offering the best SEO keyword research and analysis services. We have worked with clients in numerous highly competitive niches.

    Shout offers competitively priced SEO keyword research and analysis. We have years of experience in this industry. Also, our work is supported by ongoing research. We find the right keywords for your industry and optimise your website for them. However, obtaining top rankings for highly competitive keywords is not easy. We not only recommend keywords, but we also offer reliable advice on targeting the best key phrases for your site.

    All traffic that you obtain from search engines does not have the same value. If you’re spending a lot of time and money and achieving too little, the problem may be with your keywords. Keyword research experts at Shout can help you optimise your site for the right combination of keywords or phrases to reach your audience effectively.

    Many SEO companies depend on free keyword tools, however these are limited in scope and may not show you the full picture. At Shout we use a comprehensive list of Keyword Research tools, on page and off page analysis as well as our clients own traffic data and technical audit insights.

    What We Can Do For You

    Our SEO keyword research and analysis has the following steps:

    • Determine the actual theme of your website. We have consultations with your team. We also review your website to find more information about your services/products.
    • Discover new keywords. Using synonyms, tangential phrases, and semantically related terms, we find new keywords.
    • We evaluate your keywords and assess their strength using our SEO tools.
    • We then create the final list of keywords/ key phrases based on your specifications and their relevancy.

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    What You Will Get

    You’ll get a detailed summary of our research and recommend keywords to optimise your website. Good results aren’t good enough for us. We believe every client has a right to get the most out of their marketing investments.