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Used well, social media can drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty and increase sales opportunities. But, with so many channels, making so much noise, it's hard to know where to put your investment so it works best for you. We can get you heard. We're Shout. A team of dedicated social media marketers, based in Melbourne. Shout understands how the market works, and how the technology can be best used to deepen your brand engagement and drive sales. We can make social media work for you. We guarantee it.


Using social to drive sales.

It’s called social media marketing for a reason. Social media should do more than build brand engagement. Shout is a Melbourne based social media agency that believes your social spend must become a sales investment. Yes, use social to drive lead acquisition. Yes, use social to grow an engaged community. But, don’t stop there. If your social activity isn’t driving sales, call Shout! And hear how we can make your social investment really pay off.


Tactical, accountable and measurable.

Shout has a proven track record for delivering measurable results and generating ROI. We offer the full range social media marketing services. It starts with a detailed discussion. Then we develop a social media marketing plan that fits with your business goals. Then we help you implement that plan. By creating great content. By winning new fans and keeping existing fans engaged. By constantly monitoring your social media presence and dealing with issues as they arise. We create social media campaigns that get people talking. And keep them talking. About you. And with you. So your social investment will pay off, with measurable results.


Sustainable engagement.

The social media landscape is continually evolving. Success demands an agile, ongoing strategic approach, aligned with your business objectives. We start with an audit of your social presence. So you know where you are. And where you could be. Shout understands how the different platforms work. And, because we’re always involved in social, we track the trends and understand how and why the market changes. And how those changes affect your market. But, any change must remain true to your brand, your market and your goals. Which is why you need an always-on-social media agency, like Shout in Melbourne. To ensure you remain relevant in a changing world. And your fans stay engaged.


24/7 support

Social media never rests. Neither do we. We’re a social media agency that believes managing our clients’ social presence must be a 24/7 commitment. When you hire us, you can contact us whenever you want. If you need peace of mind at 10. Call us. If the world changes, and you want to tweak some aspect of your campaign immediately, we can get that done. If someone posts a nasty comment on your social account at 3 am on a Saturday morning, we will take care of it. Then, in the clear light of day, we’ll explain what we did, why we did it, and how you benefit from it.

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Shout is a full service digital agency based in Melbourne with a team of passionate, engaged professionals. Our holistic approach to digital marketing allows us to apply specialist skills in all areas of digital marketing to ensure we target the right people, attract the right attention, deliver the right content at the right time to optimise all aspects of the sales funnel and smooth the path to purchase.

Set the

We use market insights and analytics to identify the relevant audience and inform an effective strategy aligned to business goals and brand needs.

the path

Using specialist skills in social media marketing, pay per click, search engine marketing, acquisition acceleration, lead amplification and content marketing we create a path to purchase.

and Manage

Leveraging automated marketing, conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization we continually fine tune the campaign to ensure increased effectiveness.

Why partner with Shout?

  • You’ll have a team of dedicated social media marketers at your service.
  • You’ll have 24/7 support. Social doesn’t rest. Neither do we.
  • You’ll have greater confidence in your social media presence.
  • You’ll have a solid social media strategy aligned to your business goals.
  • You’ll have greater engagement with your audience.
  • And greater returns on your investment.

We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing online strategy.

-Stuart Daff, General Manager Bevilles Jewellers

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