Social Media App Development

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We develop beautiful and expedient applications for all major social networks

Social media has emerged as an important tool for interacting with your customers and prospects. Most people on social media use apps to interact with brands. Useful and interactive social media apps can bring in a lot of opportunities for your brand.

Technology is evolving constantly, and several challenges are involved in the development of social media apps. They include the following:

  • The app should be able to maintain the brand position across multiple social media channels.
  • It should support different platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc.
  • It should be flexible enough to be improved and upgraded.
  • It should be able to capture customer interests.
  • It should be able to build enduring relationships with customers and prospects.
  • We Offer Complete Social Media App Development Solutions
  • Thanks to our technological expertise and vast experience, we are capable of building interactive and engaging apps for your business. We integrate latest technology tools with innovative concepts to build social media applications that captivate users. Our proficiency in app building and understanding of your needs allow us to develop solutions that will help the growth of your online community.

    Our Approach

    First, we determine which design methodology we should use for building the app. It is particularly important to use the right methodology in cross-platform environments. People may use your app on multiple platforms, so we choose the best design framework that will satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs.

    Development of Custom Social Media Applications

    Depending upon your needs, we can build new apps for your business or we can upgrade your existing apps. Our objective is to deliver compelling and refreshing applications that support your social media strategy.

    We Analyse the Buying Behaviour of Your Consumers

    By analysing the consumer buying behaviour, we can find out what motivates them. Our apps have analytical features built into them. This allows us to find how people interact with them. This also helps us to identify technical support problems. We utilise the best platforms to build your apps, and this enables us to make them more interesting, engaging, and interactive.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    Social Applications Testing and Its Effect on User Experience

    Software testing is an overlooked aspect of development schedules. Our developers will ensure that your apps are tested for performance and usability on multiple platforms and browsers.

    User experience is an important part of testing. Apps that provide excellent user experience enjoy greater acceptance. Our experts spend a lot of time to identify the best graphics and text to create the ultimate user experience.

    Our App Development Services Include:

    • Google App Development
    • Custom social networking websites
    • Social Application Development
    • Facebook App Development
    • Social networking app development
    • You only have to tell us about your social media marketing efforts and we will build apps that create user engagement and brand loyalty.

      At Shout, we create social media systems that are designed to build loyalty and grow your user base. We have experience in both software development and video solution development. This expertise allows us to build great apps.

      We are a leading web development company with profound knowledge of Web 2.0 applications. We possess the skills required to integrate social networking features into your apps.

      Our technical knowledge and experience in Web 2.0 technologies allows us to develop interactive social media apps for your business. We employ the latest tools and innovative concepts to build apps capable of capturing consumer interest. We deliver solutions that are optimised to your business objectives and needs. We choose the most appropriate design solutions to build interactive applications across multiple platforms.

      Before deploying your apps, we ensure that they are tested for performance and usability. People access social media on various devices. Our apps work on multiple platforms and browsers.

      Our expertise is in developing, designing, and deploying sophisticated software apps that meet your business goals and sustain your potential for growth over time. We are adept at integrating major social media technologies and APIs like Twitter, YouTube and others. Using the most recent API technologies, our developers can bring your customised apps into all major social networks. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we will complete the job within your budget and on time. Some popular social media applications include the following:

      • Brand awareness campaigns
      • Public interest campaigns
      • Fun applications
      • Social Networks
      • Quizzes and trivia
      • Polls
      • Reminder services
      • Application Add-ons

        We are capable of building apps with API integration. We can also develop social bookmarking and blogging solutions and aggregation platforms. Good results don’t satisfy us. We are passionate towards our work and want to make sure that our clients get the most out their investments.