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Looking for a company with a passionate obsession for quality results? Look no further.

We are a team of social media consultants with expertise that spans multiple disciplines. We have come together with a joint passion for all things social. Our expert team places performance above everything else, and tackles each problem with a practical approach.

Through our range of social media marketing services, we aim to allow our clients to get tangible, and often extraordinary, results from their social media activities.

No matter how big or small your business is, our list of satisfied clients – ranging from local and international brands to celebrities and even startup firms – bears witness to the fact that we are passionately obsessed with results. In our team, we have not just social media consultants, but also experts who can provide metrics, analytics, and audits to help us gauge and subsequently improve your social media strategy.

Social Media Audits and Strategic Plans

We seek to provide your brand with a comprehensive plan that helps us decide on how to engage your brand socially to gain more credibility and trust.

As part of our social media services, we also provide you with a number of ideas to help kickstart your social media presence, gain more fans, and to help improve loyalty of your customers.

We provide top-notch, result-oriented social media strategic plans for companies like Bevilles, IXL, and Tobin Brothers, to name a few.

Our auditing services take into account a number of aspects which we then juxtapose with that of your competitors, to have a comprehensive understanding of where your brand stands.

Our auditing social media consultants examine:

  • Your audiences
  • The themes of your choice
  • How you integrate social with content marketing
  • The effectiveness of your promotional activities
  • How well planned your editorial calendars are
  • How your micro content is scoring
  • How actively your fans participate
  • Participation and involvement of your staff
  • Guidelines for your staff
  • Your plans for crisis communications
  • Your choice of channel(s)
  • Metrics
  • This auditing helps us formulate a strategic plan that is custom-made for your business.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    What to Expect From Us

    We tell it like it is. If it isn’t going to work, we will be open about it. If our analysis shows that our campaign is not working and needs to be tweaked, we will be upfront about it. We believe that the only way to tackle a problem and to effectively solve it is to meet the challenge head on. Our team comprises of professionals from the fields of public relations, communication management, analytics, and marketing, and we won't hesitate to tell you if something is not working.

    Reflecting diverse client needs

    We do not have a fixed template for all our clients. Each brand or business is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, internal dynamics, and complexities. We strongly believe that every client must get the most out of their marketing investments and we tailor our services carefully to ensure that you are equipped with the right tools and support to truly own your social connection.

    Metrics obsessed

    We have an obsession with metrics and the mathematics of social and we use this to constantly strive to adapt and optimise our strategy in order to achieve extraordinary results. When it comes to our valued clients, we like to push our limits to achieve results.

    We have it all covered!

    Our social media consultancy services range from moderation guidance, helping you develop engaging social media strategies, editorial guidance for your social media, and even social monitoring services. Social media crisis management is a yet another key component of our operations. We also listen in to social media chatter and find data relevant to your brand using top of the range social listening tools and strategies. In a nutshell, we help you gain insight about your brand's reputation and performance on social media. Not only do we track keywords, but also work to identify the sentiment and intent. This intensive monitoring has proved beneficial in the past as it helps uncover the true reach and impact of the social media campaign. It also helps to engage with followers and identify potential threats or opportunities for the business.

    Through our social media listening services, we keep a close watch on:

    • The sentiment of the brand – what people associate it with
    • The intent, including purchase and recommendation
    • Where the brand stands in terms of industry benchmarks
    • Analysis and news of the relevant sector
    • Influencers, including existing influencers as well as identifying those with the potential to further boost your brand presence
    • The reach of your business
    • We analyse these elements, among other factors, to help distil and decode the social media environment for you through visual dashboards and applications.

      If you want to boost your image, make sure you ask us about our reputation management services. Our social media consultants will be happy to help you out with that.