Social Media Engagement

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Proactive social media engagement can go a long way.

The quality of social media engagement can make or break a successful campaign. Anybody can initiate a conversation with their audience, but in order to truly establish and build up a user base, it is important to listen. Proactive social media engagement is the key here – we don't wait for users to reach out and ask us questions. Instead, we keep track of those who talk about your brand and then engage them in conversation. Each of these engagements may be different, and monitoring them helps our digital specialists draw up a tailor-made social media engagement strategy for you and your targeted audience.

What can your brand do to be proactive on social media? Listening to your audiences is the most important step. Our digital specialists say being proactive should also include resolving your audience’s grievances and converting them into brand advocates.

Social Media Monitoring Should be a Part of the Strategy

Most businesses fail to grasp the importance of including social media monitoring in their social media plans. Also called social listening, this process involves keeping a watch on what audiences have to say about your brand. Not only will this help you gather insight about how audiences perceive your brand, but will also inform you about the latest within your industry. It will also provide you with information about what your industry influencers and competitors are up to. This insight will in turn, help you connect better with your clients and enable you to stay ahead of your competition, all the while raising your ROI.

Social media is a powerful tool that has revolutionised the field of marketing and communication. And the only way that you can make it work to your advantage is if you spend time to understand how to use it well. We know the value of engaging audiences with quality conversations, and strongly advocate that brands spend time and effort on the same in order to create brand ambassadors among your existing users as well as to establish brand loyalty among new customers.

New social media tools are being launched daily, and more customers are queuing up to sign up on these platforms. This is a great resource and we understand the value of guiding brands to engage with audiences in order to sculpt brand sentiment and enhance the reputation of your business.

Present day marketers understand that there is no use of simply flinging message after message about their brand at a wide audience. As trusted experts who care about your brand, we know that identifying your target audience and then tailoring your message to suit their social media platform of choice is only a part of the process. We believe that every client must get the most out of their marketing investments.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    How Shout Engages Your Audience

    Social media activation involves identifying and shaping your users into ambassadors of your brand. This can be brought about by involving and encouraging your users to actively participate in social media competitions, games, and even campaigns initiated by your brand.

    Social media campaigns are an effective way to both enhance the reputation of your brand and to spread the reach of your product or service. Besides careful planning and flawless execution, social media campaigns also involve measuring and analysing your strategy using metrics and other tools. In order to develop an effective social media strategy, it is important to first analyse and understand your audiences. We find out what they like, and then focus on how best to approach them.

    Social benchmarking makes use of statistical tools and data to measure user count, user interaction, and the number of followers who have received the message, etc. This data is then analysed and juxtaposed with that of your competitors. This helps in planning a strategy that will elevate your brand and personalise your engagement with customers, besides allowing you to develop a watertight social media strategy.

    We plan. We engage. We build your audience.

    Through our social media engagement, we play upon the values of your brand and infuse personality into the seemingly dull facets of your product. Our aim is to help your brand establish a firm presence in the hearts and minds of your customers. Not only are we full of ideas, but we also have the tools and the specialists to ensure that these ideas are not only executed but also deliver exceptional results. With the wide range of social media services on offer at Shout, you'll soon forget what it was like to be grappling to stay ahead of your competition.