Social Media Listening

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We listen to social conversations around your brand.

Social media is where conversations take place these days. Are you really listening to what people are saying about your brand on various social platforms? If you aren't, there is no way you can be a part of their conversation. But fret not, we are here to help you.

Social media allows people to voice their opinions. Your customers and prospects are all active on social media and you need to be able to reach out to them. Times have changed – it is no longer enough to offer customer care via telephone or email. You need to provide support through social media as well. A large number of businesses now use social media to provide customer support. This can be challenging if your business lacks the skills or resources required to execute this properly. On the bright side, it is not all that difficult to find out ways to offer exceptional customer care through social media. By offering good customer care, you can also build authentic relationships with them.

Why Hire the Experts at Shout

Shout has a monitoring team consisting of real people experienced in social media listening.

  • We use sophisticated technology to find all mentions of your business on social media. We employ the best tools for this job and we listen to what your customers are saying about your brand.
  • We monitor all major social networks, forums, blogs, message boards, and comment threads etc.
  • We can sort through the noise to find out information that is truly relevant to your business.
  • Why You Should Hire Us

    You should hire us if any of the following applies to you.

    • You don't know what your customers are saying about you on social media or where they are.
    • You have got this feeling that your brand has been left out of the social conversation.
    • You are eager to detect problems early and provide solutions before they become a PR crisis.
    • You feel that your social media strategies aren't getting any results.
    • You would like to know what is trending in your industry before your competitors capitalise on them.
    • You need to hire us if you have any of the requirements mentioned above. We are experts in social media listening and scour the internet for finding mentions of your business, your industry and your competitors. In other words, we listen for all keywords that are truly important to you.

      Monitoring social media was not all that difficult a few years ago, but now billions of conversations are happening daily. You cannot monitor them without the right tools and true intelligence. We monitor, analyse, gather insights, and make the decisions that will help you create better products.

      When you hire Shout for social media listening, you can:

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    Be a Part of Conversations that Matter

    You can get in touch with people who talk about your brand on social media and turn one-sided mentions into engaging conversations. Social media listening is the ultimate way to identify and communicate with influencers in your industry.

    Stay Totally Covered

    At Shout, we monitor all platforms where you are likely to be mentioned. These include social networks, blogs, opinion sites, forums, message boards, and image and video sharing sites. We will send real time notifications and custom reports.

    Measure Viral Success

    When stories go viral, we offer powerful metrics like vote counts, number of followers, retweets, engagement rankings, and number of likes, shares, comments etc. These metrics help us measure the success of a social campaign.

    Before launching your social media listening project, we discuss your goals with you and create a solution that meets your requirements. We use industry leading technology to enhance the business value you can realise from these campaigns.

    Your success is our ultimate goal. We create tailored campaigns for each one of our clients to ensure that we get the best results for them. We combine best practices with industry knowledge to give the best possible results and experience.

    We provide customised solutions to our clients. We understand that your journey needs an on-boarding plan that is tailored to you. You probably only require basic enablement or you may want an enterprise-level rollout in multiple regions. We can help in either case.

    We tailor our plans to achieve your goals in the required timeframe. This way we can ensure that you derive maximum value from our tools and insights. We monitor your brand mentions all over the web. It does not matter where the conversation takes place - we listen to it.

    We don't like to brag about our achievements, but we have helped several major clients with their social campaign. We are a company passionately driven to perform. We constantly push our boundaries to ensure that we deliver extraordinary results.