Social Media Reporting

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We use social media reporting to help you find the right audience.

Our expertise and years of experience will help your business stay on top, while establishing a strong presence for itself in the minds of your customers. In order to measure the success of your efforts, you need to first have certain goals that can be used as benchmarks to analyse your campaign. We can help you here by formulating a plan which will serve to combine key performance indicators and onsite and offsite metrics with analytics for social media and your website. Not only will we present you with reports of this information, but will also walk you through system integration or help you choose from data capture solutions, if the need arises. Shout has a reputation for delivering outstanding ROI because of our passionate obsession for results, and our efforts will help you convert social to sale at a faster pace.

Conversations Are Precious

The success of a good social media campaign lies in understanding your audience. And we can help you achieve this by using innovative monitoring tools, which will enable us to gather information about what users think about your brand from even some of the most unlikeliest of places. Shout will work on the data to find out the best possible method to address these audiences. Does your brand need some reputation damage control? Are your audiences curious about your product, but unsure of its features? We'll help you chart out a plan which will include how, what, and where to talk to your targeted audiences. The team at Shout is passionately driven to perform, and we work to constantly innovate ways for you to improve your connection with your customers. Not only this, but we also listen in on some topics that aren't related to the brand – to understand audience preferences.

Capturing Social Customer Data

We gather customer social data that can help us analyse ROI and measure the effectiveness of social loyalty programs, while also allow us to retarget advertising messages in social media. Businesses that do not take the time to analyse social data miss out on important insight as well as clues on how to enhance their reach. Our team of digital experts work around the clock to customise the best possible social media reporting service for your brand.

We work to:

  • Tailor social media reporting in order to help you zoom in on the right target audience
  • Help you understand how your customers use social media to interact with your brand
  • Analyse your business' social media campaigns and help ensure that your social media objectives are in parallel to your long term business goals
  • Use a competitive social media analysis for your industry in order to help your brand find its footing
  • Keep an eye on your competition and to try and take advantage of the opportunities they might have missed
  • Guide you to understand which engagement strategy works
  • We strive to ensure that every client gets the maximum return from their marketing investments. We know the importance of establishing benchmarks and aligning them with the goals of your business before diving headfirst into a social campaign.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    We Deliver

    Before we start, we take time out to understand and establish the objectives of the proposed campaign and help you choose the tools that are best suited to track as well as measure the results of your campaign. We strive to make use of top-of-the range tools available to allow us to paint a clear picture of the effectiveness of your campaign. As we go on, these tools will come in handy to not only monitor your campaign, but will allow us to keep an eye on what audiences have to say about your brand as well as about your competitors.

    Shout will then present this information, which analyses each of your social media platforms, in the form of analytical reports. While we have traditionally worked to present these reports on a monthly-basis, we can alter this to provide you with weekly or quarterly updates, or even on an annual basis – depending on your preferences. We also work to provide reviews and recaps when needed.

    Social media reporting is part of the expansive list of services that Shout offers to cater to your social media needs. We use advanced tools to monitor social media in order to decode this otherwise complex area and work to break down our results to present you information that is comprehensive, condensed, and easy to understand.

    With over two years of experience in the field of social media reporting, we know how to use social media to gather insights on your business. Whether you're looking for an extensive market analysis or just a report of your brand's performance, we've got you covered.