Social Media Research & Insights

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Strategic insights to help your social media campaign deliver good returns

At Shout, we begin each client engagement by delving deep into consumer segments, relevant industries, and problems to discover opportunities and challenges.

These research & insights guide our program development from the very beginning. This will ensure that every campaign that we develop for our clients will achieve their business objectives.

Our Approach to Social Media Research

We firmly believe that social media research has the potential to help businesses to make better decisions. We have a team of skilled and experienced social media researchers who collect data and gain insights on customer behaviour by studying their interactions and activities on social media.

Shout offers a complete suite of social media solutions to give our clients a thorough understanding of trends and conversations on social media. The research & insights that we provide will help you design successful social media campaigns.

How Our Social Media Research Helps Your Business

  • We provide you invaluable insights on how data and information flow in different markets, regions, channels, and communities.
  • Our research helps us identify consumer behaviours, preferences, attitudes, and opinions in real time.
  • It helps us measure consumer sentiments during important events like the launch of new products or services.
  • This research also helps us find information on what products or services are more likely to perform well in the market.

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Our social media research has three core components: analysis, monitoring, and reporting

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    We do research in real time to discover insights that will ultimately shape your social media marketing strategy.

    We devise strategies and establish benchmarks for our clients by analysing end user data. Our monitoring services equip our clients with powerful research & insights and great metrics for strategic direction.


    Shout Agency's powerful analytics tools gauge the success of your social media campaigns. We analyse data to determine how your campaigns affect social conversations around your brand and how those conversations can be used to create true business value. We also analyse how your social media campaigns complement your traditional marketing strategies.


    We help our clients save time by delving deep into data to deliver powerful insights. We focus on those areas where your competitors are not exactly doing well. Our reports align with your organisational needs. In addition to competitor research & insights, we offer brand tracking, campaign analysis, and event performance reports.

    Social Media Insights

    Social media platforms offer businesses an opportunity to collect real time data on consumer behaviours and opinions.

    Our social audits offer the in-depth insights you need to build successful social media strategies. They also offer recommendations for ways to integrate social with broader marketing activities to improve your reach and authority.

    Without insight, you cannot judge past performance or plan a future strategy. What differentiates us from other companies offering social media research & insights is that we employ real human beings to analyse data instead of relying on the findings of a bunch of automated monitoring tools.

    What Insight Means to Us

    For us, social media insight is a combination of market research, user content, analysis, crisis monitoring, and reporting. The output that stems from the insight should be useful information. We don't believe in creating pretty charts if we can't use that data to improve our client's ROI.

    We employ the following strategies to gather insight.

    • We collaborate with each one of our clients to understand their need for data and insights.
    • We employ the most appropriate tool for monitoring data, depending upon the unique needs of the client.
    • We create and test various search queries.
    • We analyse the data and clean it up manually.
    • We look for trends, patterns, and useful information.
    • We have discussions with the client to assess key findings.
    • We develop the output in accordance with the brief given by the client and submit it to them.

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    How We Track Insights

    Social media offers great insights into what existing and potential clients think of your business. Our social media monitoring programs help us to identify opportunities. Our team has an unparalleled understanding of social media. This helps us to interpret the data and find insights that can determine the future direction of your social media marketing strategy.

    Competitor Analysis

    Is your social strategy as efficient as that of your competitors? Do you have an engaged community on social media? Is there anything that you can learn from your competitors?

    We provide comprehensive competitor audits. We also research social media conversations to identify platforms which are most beneficial to your business and brand perception. Our reports highlight your strengths and opportunities and flag weaknesses and threats. Our objective is to help brands perform better and stand tall in their industry as well as in the hearts and minds of their customers.