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Training your way to success

Social media is evolving as we speak. Not only do new social media platforms sprout every day, but more and more new users sign up for these services with each passing hour. No media offers the level of ease of interaction that social media provides, and it is easy to see why businesses have embraced social media marketing. The social media landscape, while a little tricky to navigate, is also full of opportunities for you to grow your limits. We have created a number of courses on social media in a bid to help you decode the complex social media landscape.

Our team at Shout can help you develop and enhance the social media presence of your brand by conducting training sessions in topics including social media technology and management. We supplement this by evaluating your progress and pointing you toward the recommended course of action. You understand your brand or product better than anyone else. Shout can help walk you through the world of social media to help you take advantage of the enormous potential it has to offer. Through our social media workshops, we will show you how to use it for the benefit of your brand.

Shout Social Media Training

Social media workshops from Shout include courses that are customised to equip you with the skills needed to both identify and use the social media tools that are appropriate for your brand. Our specialised trainers will also help you understand how to use your social media tools to enhance your digital communication strategy. Pick a course from the range of social media workshops offered by Shout so you can get started on your social media journey.

    “We have seen a significant increase in qualified traffic and online sales. I would highly recommend Shout for digital marketing and online strategy.”

    Stuart Duff, CEO LaybyLand

    Social Media Marketing

    While most businesses already have existing social media networks, only a few understand how to use these extremely useful platforms for their advantage. If used right, social media can also help your brand reach heights that you previously thought impossible. Take our one-day course to learn how you can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to draw interest and new followers for your brand. This course is open to all, from social media novices to experts.

    LinkedIn for business

    Does your business already have a LinkedIn account? If no, then we'll show you how to set one up. If you have a LinkedIn account, then we'll show you how to enhance the visibility of your brand and guide you on how to develop better connections with your customers as well as potential professional collaborators. From learning to use the recommendations component to your advantage to understanding the groups feature, this course covers it all. Course participants do not require previous experience.

    Facebook for business

    Take this course to learn how to use the social networking giant to work for your business. Our social media workshop will cover all aspects of operating a Facebook account for your business – right from setting up a profile to developing an effective marketing campaign. This one-day introductory course does not call for previous experience.

    Bespoke Social Media Workshops

    As part of our social media workshops, we also offer training courses that are customised to meet your demands related to course content, location, and even number of attendees. As trusted experts who care about your company, we know the importance of designing courses in accordance to the needs of your business. You get to choose the courses you want us to cover, and we'll create a personalised social media workshop that meets your requirements. If you want us to train you on only one particular subject, then Shout will condense and alter your course to ensure that your course covers just that topic. This streamlined approach not only helps you get the best out of each session, but also allows us to give the topic enough attention, while understanding the needs of your business.

    Right for Your Staff

    We take a note of the kind of experience that your employees have with social media. A course on social media engagement would not mean anything to your staffer who isn’t really social. When tailoring a social media workshop for you, we take the effort to understand who we are training and try and design the course to keep it relevant for your team.

    Right for Your Organisation

    We strive to give you the training that is best suited for your brand. Every product of your business may require a different approach and may call for a different sort of audience engagement. We analyse your needs to ensure that our training is in accordance with the needs of your business.